Make your presentation powerful

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Effective and engaging presentation is a powerful tool to deliver meaningful messages, or a call to take action. But how do we make sure a presentation is attentive and memorable?

In my opinion, I believe in the following rules can be applied in every presentation or speech. They can be from my previous experiences in public speaking inside or outside university. Others come from readings, Youtube videos or from my peers that I collected randomly.

First rule of thumb, BE PASSIONATE about your topic. You must have interest in what you are going to present. If you hate it, it will be shown clearly throughout your presentation. Your audiences are smart and they will pick it up easily. So if you do not like the topic, nobody will!

I learnt from the past that it is the presenter’s responsibility to trigger the attention from the audience. They can be bored, inactive or distracted, especially social media is catching more attention these days. One simple tip is to practice an ice-breaking activity to make the atmosphere warm and friendly. A joke, a physical activity, a quote or simply a survey questions will do the job. However, make sure you think carefully and be smart about it. Keep the jokes healthy, which means free of religion, politics and ethics.

Once everyone is warmed up, the presentation need to be structured and straight to the point. There were some times in the past that my presentation did not connect and made it hard for the audience to follow. I learnt that it does not matter how long or how much I can talk about it, but how precise I am to address the problem.

Relate the issue to everyone is crucial. This makes the topic more practical and memorable. Raise a discussion that make everyone criticizes and even debates about it.

Last but not least, practice makes perfect. I strongly believe that nothing is impossible when enough efforts and preparation has been made. Have the notes ready, practice your voice and body language, pay more attention on eye contact and build confidence so that the energy can be spread out in the room.


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