Benchmarking activity

I got to mark Exemplar 5 report during Workshop 5 and it was about “Presumptive tests for blood identification in forensic investigation” I thought this was an interesting activity because this experience would help me understanding what being expected in our group’s major report.

Firstly, the organisation of this report is highly credited. The first page was used to layout the content including headings and sub-headings with corresponding pages. For example, three different tests were discussed in terms of their history, chemical and physical properties and application in a very clear manner and easy to follow. Another reason why I gave this part a D was because it included a comparison section which helps the readers further understanding advantages of each test over another. However, it is disappointed that my mark does not match my demonstrator’s for this part. Her’s was a C although she indicated this was a good structured report. Nevertheless, I protect my opinion of that this report should deserve a D or above for this criteria.

Despite being structured carefully, it was confused throughout the report of what the writers trying to explain. For example, in part A.1 “History of Phenolphthalein test”, it was indicated that “Phenolphthalein in its conventional form is a bright pink; its reduced form is clear. In order to prepare phenolphthalein for use in detecting blood, first it is reduced by boiling it in a solution of potassium hydroxide and power zinc until it becomes clear” My question for this statement was how is it to do with blood test? The sentence need to be rephrased to be more precise. As a result, I gave this criterion a Pass which perfectly matched my demonstrator’s marking.

I was not given the result of Turnitin for this report so I was not 100% sure when marking the quality of research. It can be seen that a number of highly credited journals and reviews were shown in the references list. Moreover, in-text references were done perfectly and easy to follow. Therefore, I decided to rate this part a Credit due to a great amount of works searching for such wide range of scientific journals. My demonstrator also agreed with me which I thought her expectation for students being able to do good research and apply them is really high. This helps me to understand that I need to improve my research skills further to meet the expectation. This is sometime quite hard for me because reading is not my strength but I will try my best to achieve it.

Lastly, I gave a P for the application of knowledge in this report. Even though the application of each test was discussed, I did not fully understand them. I think it was lack of precision and comprehension across sentences which causing confusion for me.

This report was given a Credit in overall which helps me narrow down what I need to prepare for mine.  There was a high expectation on the quality of research and the ablity of applying the knowledge into a correct context. The language need to be scientific and professional which I thought might be challenging for me! However, it is great that I also have my group mates who can contribute and feedback to make sure our assignment is great to submit.


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