The organisation of Major Assignment

Biofuel and other alternatives of fossil fuels attract a lot of attention from science, companies and the public. Everyone concerns about their future energy resources and more importantly, the climbing of bills that they have to pay every month. Due to the advantage of knowing the topic since first year, I got to organise my group and allocated tasks for everyone. I felt great taking this leadership because this is a major assignment and I want everything to be organised and in control. This time I have Josh and Shana in my group and they both very active so I hope we can ace this assignment.

We first approached this topic by brainstorming all aspects around it. Our dot points included: advantages about biofuel, how algae can be produced and harvested efficiently into biofuel, chemistry behind it, challenges to scientists when making biofuel from algae, comparison and conclusion. I was quite excited that we did come up with a few interesting headings and sub-headings. Ideally, each of us will look after three to four dot points in this topic. While we just received the topic for 10 minutes, everyone did not really have a clear understanding on how much work should be spent for each part. Therefore, in order to make it fair for everyone, I decided to create a Word Document on Google Drive and made a table of who doing what following with due dates. I allowed everyone 3 days to go home and thought about it and filled in which part they would like to do.

As mentioned in my previous entry, communication is crucial in today’s science. In order to keep our group’s communication up-to-date, I created a group chat on Facebook and keep everyone on flow of what is going on. I feel like communication is not all about talking and having conversations, but also put it down to written documents so that we don’t forget what we said. So the table that I created looks like this:

Task Name Due Note
1.     Abstract Phoebe Pham 7th May
     2.   Introduction Shana Libiran 7th of May
     3.   Algae as potential sources of biofuel


3.1 Increasing use of fossil fuels as energy causing alerting problems

3.2 The production of biofuels from algae as alternatives

Josh Hallissy


Josh Hallissy


Josh Hallissy

7th May

3.3  Benefits using algae to produce energy


3.4 Challenges from using biofuel made from algae

Phoebe Pham


Phoebe Pham

7th May


7th May

     4. Comparison between algae and other renewable resources (solar, wind, sugarcane, ethanol, etc.)

4.1 Energy efficiency and Environmental friendly

4.2 Cost

Shana Libiran


Shana Libiran


Shana Libiran

7th May
    5. Conclusion Josh Hallissy 7th May
    6. Reference All

Everyone committed to the tasks being allocated. The reason I set our due dates is 7th May (1 week before the actual due date of the assignment) is to review and feedback each other’s work beforehand. By doing this, we will be having enough time for everyone to read through and make changes before submitting the assignment.

Although having a plan is important, follow it and being aware of due date is also crucial. During my first year at university, I had a lot of lab works that I had to write reports as a group. We also planned our work very careful at the beginning. However, I realised no one did follow the due dates written and we ended up rushing through our report closer to the due date. As a result, this time I personally want to take control of the leadership and keep our progress organised. I will send a reminder 5 days, 3 days and 1 day prior to our due date. Furthermore, I will also make sure we feedback each other’s work so that at the end, we are all happy and ready to submit it. I hope this will be a good plan and my teammates actively contribute to it to make this report distinctive.


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