Meet and Greet

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs

It is the second week at the university and my first workshop for the subject called Skills for Professional Chemists was held today at 9am.

I was 5 minutes late (due to previous Maths lab) and I felt so bad about it. I rarely get to class late, however this allows me knowing that from next week I will be leaving the lab 10 minute earlier. The class has been divided to groups so I decided to sit with the
group just next to the door.

The group was really new to me as I have not seen anyone before. We were made to do an activity where we had to form a sub-group of three involving different gender, degree and horoscope. We were shy in the beginning but I found this activity very interesting as I got to start talking, step out of my comfort zone and find out who is the perfect match for our group. Fortunately, I quickly made a group with Nathan and Josh.

The highlight of today’s workshop was about how teamwork is efficient in solving problems. I strongly believe this is a great way to make the members communicate and work together. We first approached the problem individually as different person will have different perspectives about it. After about three minutes, we brought our own ideas together and solved the question as a group. This was good how we all worked at individual level and as a group together. During the time, I also contributed my own thought and was recognized by my group mates. I felt excited because my thoughts have been acknowledged. I think this is crucial in group work because when everyone’s work is being acknowledged, it will more engaging and bonding between members.

Despite the fact that we did not answer the question given, I was very proud of my group. Josh wrote down all possible scenario on the paper and let Nathan and myself so commenting together. It was such an amazing work especially we just met for the first time. One more tip that I concluded from the first workshop was that no matter what gender, age, degree you do at university, culture (or horoscope) you are, when it comes to team work, we will work together, communicate and feedback each other in harmony to achieve the same goal.f6f79c953a0698cc2e77a674758a17a6

The homework for today’s workshop was creating a website to put our port folio on and doing a research about Ethics in Science. I am excited and definitely this will be one of my favorite subject at the university.


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